Born in 1983 in Valjevo, Serbia.  Film and TV Camera graduate at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade in 2007.

Vice President and board member of Serbian Society of Cinematographers, SAS  

Interim co-President (jan-may 2022) and elected co-Vice President and board member of the International Federation of Cinematographers IMAGO.

Full member of the Imago Technical Committee ITC

Part of the International Collective of Female Cinematographers  The ICFC.

Experienced with all film, video and TV formats, focused on the narrative, TV series and documentaries, with the ability and skills to adapt to different projects and director’s styles she has worked with. Shoots digital, but also loves the analog film process (35mm, s16mm, s8mm). Attended multiple film festivals, as well as many masterclasses.

Debut feature film, the comedy “Mali Budo/Little Buddho” had great commercial success, while the second feature, fight movie “Jesen samuraja/The Samurai in Autumn” gained international distribution with great reviews on cinematography. The third feature, the indie film “REŽI/Love Cuts”, made in 20 sequence shots, had its international premiere at Dances With Films in TCL Chinese Theatres, Hollywood (Honorable mention) followed with the competition selection on many festivals: Giffoni Italy, New Orleans FF, Mallorca FF (Best Feature), Cottbus, Cinedays, Prague, Transilvania, Pula, FEST… Love Cuts was a Serbian feature representative at IMAGO Awards 2020. At the moment, the ’70s period thriller “Trag divljači/Trail of the Beast” is in postproduction, as well as a coming of age dramedy “Žal/Sweet Sorrow”. 

She is also known for her work on the TV series, using the single camera, two or three camera system for sitcoms “Andrija & Andjelka” (70ep), the famous Serbian adaptation of Canadian “Un gars, une fille” and “Mamini sinovi / Mother’s Sons”, adaptation of Australian “Mother And Son” (42ep), as well as 180 episodes of a Serbo-Croatian TV soap opera. At S04, she joined crew of a popular crime TV series My Father’s Murderers. 12epS01 TV show “Beležnica profesora Miškovića” aired on Serbian national TV station, RTS. At the moment in a production of 30ep of TV series “U klinču”.

Her relevant documentary experience starts with three seasons of Serbian Survivor, shot in Panama and the Philippines, followed by a series of short films about children with disabilities “Together”, premiered on National TV Serbia and screened as a part of the UN Enable film selection in 2013, and an honorary award for photography at the “Uhvati film” festival. The documentary TV series ER was a tremendous experience, as well as almost 5 years working on a the RHP program documenting refugees in their struggle for new homes in post war ex-Yugoslavian countries. She also worked on documentaries for VICE Serbia. At the moment she is filming a documentary feature “Sanjalice/Dreamers” about the first Yugoslavian female rock band in middle ‘60s.

She lives in Belgrade, although she remains active in the art scene in her hometown. Co-founder of Valjevski Filmski Susreti, local film festival, board member of Valjevo Cultural Network VAKUM (head 2013-2020).

Lecturer of Digital photography and Camera at ITAcademy in Belgrade; author of an online course on a distance learning platform for Link group. Lecturing experience on VFS Film Festival workshops, Film Magic School in Gračanica, AFC Studentski Grad in Belgrade, Seave Youth, and many others film workshops. 

Speaks English, apprends la langue française.


  • ŽAL / Sweet Sorrow – feature film (postproduction), 2022.
  • TRAG DIVLJAČI / Trail of the Beast – feature film (postproduction), 2021/2022.
  • U KLINČU / Clinch – TV series, 30ep (production), 2022.
  • SANJALICE / The Dreamers – feature documentary (production), 2021/2022.
  • BELEŽNICA PROFESORA MIŠKOVIĆA  – TV series, 12ep, 2020/2021.
  • UBICE MOG OCA / My Father’s Murderers – TV series, S04, shared credit, 2019.
  • REŽI / Love Cuts– feature film, 2019.
  • POGREŠAN ČOVJEK / The Wrong Man – TV series, 180 episodes, 2018/2019.
  • MAMINI SINOVI / Mother’s Sons – TV sitcom, 42 episodes, 2017.
  • JESEN SAMURAJA / The Samurai in Autumn – feature film, 117′ , 2016.
  • ANDRIJA & ANDJELKA – TV show, 2nd season, 70 episodes, 2016.
  • RUSKE KAPE / Russian Hats – educational film, 30′, 2015.
  • MALI BUDO /Little Buddho -feature film, 96′, released in September 2014.
  • SLEM – documentary, 25′, 2013. -Belgrade short 2013.
  • Bolji smo zajedno / Better Together – 10 short documentaries 2012.
  • MODERNA DEVOJKA / Modern Girl – short film, 28′, 2011.
  • Džoni, come closer – documentary, 7′, 2011.
  • SEX etc… – educational film, 30′, 2010.
  • DOBRO JUTRO / Good Morning– short film, 15’, 2008.
  • U PROLAZU / Passage– short film, 7’, 2008.
  • TRIZNAKINJE / Triplets– short film, 25’, 2008.
  • 10 MIN BEFORE – short experimental, 10’, 2007.
  • KAVEZ/Cage – short, 25’, 2006.
  • INVAZIJA / Invasion – short documentary, 7’, 2005.
  • Portret jedne ličnosti – short documentary, 15’, 2004.
  • Sha-hte – short, 10’, 2004.
  • ZOO – short, 5’, 2003.



– U KLINČU TV series, Režim (in production)


ŽAL (postproduction) 
SANJALICE (filming)


TV series, Košutnjak film


UBICE MOG OCA / My Father’s Murderers TV series,
  S04, shared credit,  UnitedMedia, Dandelion, Film Danas
REŽI / Love Cuts – feature film, dir: Kosta Djordjevic
POGRESAN ČOVJEK – TV series, RTL Croatia, TV Prva
-WBIF – promo videos, GIZ
YOU SAVE THE LIFE – TVC – Ministry of health, Serbia
Austrian Development Agency


REŽI / Love Cuts – feature film (postproduction), dir: Kosta Djordjevic, Kinematografska kuca
POGRESAN ČOVJEK – TV series, RTL Croatia, Adrenalin
ORGANIC – From nature with love – TVC, GIZ, Kinematografska kuca
NECTAR Nagradna igra – TVC, Ovation
Regional Housing Programme – documentaries, CEB, Eptisa
TECNALIA ReCodo – promo film, Kinematografska kuca
PATENT Co – promo film, Kinematografska kuca


MAMINI SINOVI – TV sitcom, 42 episodes, Blekbuk, Fresh, TV Prva
REŽI – feature film (filming), dir: Kosta Djordjevic
BALANS+ Imlek – TVC, Leo Burnett, Red production
HALKBANK – TVC, McCann, LeSpot
ShocDOCS – pilot documentary, LeSpot
VICE – documentary, Samaljot
Regional Housing Programme – documentaries, CEB, Eptisa
AFC DK Studentski grad – Lecturer – Cinematography workshop within FILM BASICS SCHOOL


JESEN SAMURAJA – feature film, dir: Danilo Beckovic, Gargantua films
ANDRIJA&ANDJELKA – TV sitcom, season 2, 70 episodes, production: Blekbuk, Fresh
Regional Housing Programme – documentaries, CEB, Eptisa
TROJE / Sara Jo, Marko M – music video, Gargantua films
Zbogom ljubavi / VIS Limunada – music video, VIS Limunada, Kinematografska kuca
Tecnalia MAXSENS – promo video, Kinematografska kuca
-“Creativity and entrepreneurship personally to you” – mentor on a project for young filmmakers, Kino Kultura
-Lecturing within the ADA project “Social-economic development od Danube region in Serbia“, with focus on shooting promo video
FILM MAGIC SCHOOL, Gracanica 2016, camera workshop lecturer


JESEN SAMURAJA – feature film, (filming), dir: Danilo Beckovic, Gargantua films
NOVAK DJOKOVIĆ Foundation promo film-Drugarijada, dir:Kosta Đorđević, LeoBurnett, Media +
KLINIKA Miloš – promo photos, Represent Communications
MILAN KONJOVIĆ Gallery – group photo exhibition, Lepota i Zdravlje
TECNALIA – promo film, Kinematografska kuca
RUSKE KAPE – educational film, Montenegro
CDEI – Dr Igor Ristic – promo film, Kinematografska kuca
DELHAIZE – corporate video
Regional Housing Programme – documentaries, CEB, Eptisa
DANUBE – promo film, ADA Belgrade projects, Kinematografska kuca
FILM MAGIC SCHOOL, Gracanica 2015, camera workshop lecturer


MALI BUDO – feature film, 96′, dir: Danilo Bećković, Gargantua films
PHILIP MORRIS – corporate photos
PATENT Co. – promo film, Kinematografska kuca
HOTEL MOSKVA Belgrade – promo photos
Regional Housing Programme – documentaries, CEB, Eptisa
ELTA mobile – TVC, Banjaluka RS
CIF cleans Serbia – TVC, Webtise, Unilever
ILOK – promo films about Ilok municipality – GIZ
GOLUBAC – promo film, fortress reconstruction – ADA
GRECO – corporate photos
MARSH production – corporate photos
RUDNAP – corporate photos
Pro Physical – promo photos
IMLEK – promo photos
Mikser #BLOG / Mikser #Magasine – 100 ep, TV series Telecom Serbia, IPTV, Mikser
Dogvill – video material fot theater performance


MALI BUDO – feature film (filming), dir: Danilo Bećković
Pismo, Robinzon – music videos
BBoy Wish / Students of rhythm crew – music video
Valjevo upside down: photos made in project of transit Camera obscura, VAKUM Valjevo
Clipsy X+O i Shock – TVC, Ovation production
Represent Communication – corporative photo, Taboo magazine
BLIC Bazar – TVC
Je l’ ti možeš da vidiš iza ćoška? – Mikser festival, Transit Camera obscura
Mikser 2013 – TVC
S/KIDANJE – feature film, additional photography, dir: Kosta Đorđević, KineKuća
Jače,Manijače/Zemlja Gruva – music video, dir: Vladimir Petrović
ELLE – photos, Maj 2013
Eucerin –promo photos
Restaurant Đeram – promo photos
Man from Susak – feature film (in development), dir: Danijel Reljić
SLEM – documentary, 25′, dir: Danilo Bećković


Represent Communications – promo photos
LJUBAVI MOJA/Goribor – music video, Super 8mm, dir: Nenad Ćosić, Kinematografska Kuća
Licenses of Soc. workers – promo film, Ministry of labor and Social works
Belgrade Flash Mob 26.9.12., LGBT campaign
SEVER/LulaMae – music video, Super 8mm, dir: Milica Jovčić
BREAK UP Victoria/ZoraVera – music video, dir: Saša Numić
BOLJI SMO ZAJEDNO – campaign – Social Inclusion of children with disabilities: Represent Communications, Bernard Brunhes International, EU, Unicef, Ministry of labor and social works Serbia
DELHAIZE – promo film, InfoLInk production
Represent Communications – portraits
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Zbog Tebe Savu Solim – music video


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Gauloase  – promo photo
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Dark side of the moon – TV series, still photographer
Don Cafe – factory, promo film, Leo Bernet & Le Spot


-Who wants to be a Millionaire , Questions for Champions, Timofejev, Karaoke Obračun, Pametnjakovici, Jelen Top10… camera operator in studio for Vison Team production on many TV formats
Kino Club at Exit festival
Invasion – short documentary, dir. Kosta Đorđević
ČARLSTON ZA OGNJENKU – feature film, still photographer, Blue Pen


BUDJENJE IZ MRTVIH – feature film, still photographer and making of, Testament Film
FLERT – feature film, still photographer, AU BK