Can you see around the corner / ENGLISH text

“Can you see around the corner?”

The art installation “Can you see around the corner?” aims to interpret visual identity of Savamala by using camera obscura. It raises the question: which of the optical illusions is the first, the original, the real one? The images, which we are able to perceive through the senses of sight, owe their visuality to refraction of light rays in our eyes. Therefore, what we think is real, is actually an illusion just like an inverted image in the camera obscura. One apparently trivial change in the point of view raises questions about entities which are taken as such; gives viewers the opportunity to re-examine their beliefs; to experience this neighborhood as aesthetically rich core; to ask themselves about many contradictions this place carries. The image inside the camera obscura raises many questions: are truck noises and air pollution the causes of the unpleasant feelings in Savamala streets or is it guilt, awareness that we have done nothing about the real revitalization of this place? What is the real face of Savamala – This, what we can see now, or that whom we know about from the memories of others? What is it, in fact, that should be revitalized? How to reconstruct it, and why? Are we responsible or we are just playing a game of responsibility? Take a break; spend a few moments in a dark room with the reflection of Savamala. Those observers who have the ability to see around the corner, and even those who have the ability to see a little further than their nose, in the intimacy of the camera obscura, in the middle of noise and mass events, they will notice that there are some other forms of Savamala that are not readily apparent, for which is necessary to allocate some time for the eyes to adjust and for the picture becomes clear.